About Jack

Get ahead, stay ahead.

My life motto stems from the baseball principle; when a pitcher or batter start an at-bat, their simultaneous goals are to get ahead (and stay ahead) in the count. The pitcher gets ahead when he throws strikes and attacks the zone. On the other side, the batter must avoid falling behind in the count to give himself the best chance of getting on base.

By getting ahead in the count, that player has more flexibility in deciding the next move. A batter can comfortably wait for the pitch that he wants, and take anything else, since he has strikes to concede. Conversely, a pitcher can expand the zone and try to get the hitter to chase. Nearly every advantage goes to the person who is ahead.

In short, getting ahead helps the player to gain more control over the situation. In a similar way, a person can position themselves in such a way to better secure themselves now and in the future.

I aim to help as many people as possible to gain control over their futures. I want people to strive for their biggest goals. It all starts by getting ahead now! There is always more to do, and there is always another area to get ahead in.