The One Property Retirement Book

A Simple Strategy for Building Your Nest Egg

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When it comes to retirement, the old world of pensions and government subsidies has been replaced by 401(k)s and IRAs. Working hard for 30 to 40 years while putting aside a large chunk of your hard-earned salary each month will work in this self-directed retirement age. But is it the best strategy? Is it the most efficient? No!

This book explains a simple yet powerful strategy to streamline your retirement saving with real estate. By investing in just one property, you can unlock the power of rental income and passive debt paydown. You do not need to live in this property and can have someone else manage it for you the whole time. Most importantly, your salary will be freed up to use elsewhere, rather than pouring it into a retirement account for decades, only for a market crisis to ruin everything. The one property strategy is a gateway to a comfortable retirement without all of the hassle.